Neonatal Quality Improvement Initiatives
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Neonatal Quality Improvement Initiatives


State Perinatal Quality Collaboratives (PQCs) are networks of perinatal care providers and public health professionals, working to improve pregnancy outcomes for women and newborns by advancing evidence-based clinical practices and processes.

CDC funds state-wide PQCs in California, New York, and Ohio and is working with these networks to sponsor a series of Webinars. These Webinars are intended to help PQCs share knowledge and experiences, and to teach other states how to start, maintain, and grow their own collaboratives. Webinars will be held every two months. They are available to participants in all states, with a focus on hospitals, physician organizations, and health agencies.

Jeffrey Gould, MD, MPH
Director. Perinatal Epidemiology and Health Outcomes Research Unit; Department of Pediatrics, Stanford University School of Medicine. Principal Investigator, California Perinatal Quality Care Collaborative.

Munish Gupta, MD, MMSc
Quality Improvement Director, Department of Neonatology, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. 
Co-Chair, Neonatal Quality Improvement Collaborative Massachusetts.  

This Webcast presented a discussion of examples of neonatal quality improvement projects undertaken by perinatal quality collaboratives, including project challenges and successes, statewide dissemination, and sustainability. 


At the end of this program, participants will be able to—
  • Identify topics for neonatal quality improvement that are on the horizon
  • Discuss how some collaboratives have undertaken neonatal quality improvement projects
  • Understand strategies for starting neonatal projects, project maintenance and sustaining achievements


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** **** This webcast was originally aired on August 29, 2013. ** ***

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