The History of Public Health Informatics: Where Do We Go from Here?
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Course Description: What is public health informatics (PHI)? Simply put, PHI is a sub-field of public health. Program faculty will journey through the evolution of public health informatics and describe how key events over the past decade have contributed to development and utilization of many computerized systems that support public health practice. Special focus will be given to major PHI applications including syndromic surveillance. Emerging (e.g., geographic information systems, text-messaging) and future (e.g., social networking, public health information exchange) PHI applications will also be discussed.  Contact hours (2)
Subject Area(s):
General Public Health
Informatics / Technology
Social Workers
General Public Health Staff
Public Health
Public Information / Media Specialists
Information Systems Professionals
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Course Level: Introductory
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Sponsor: South Central Public Health Partnership
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August 26, 2016
Overall Impression Recommends this course: YES  
June 04, 2015
Overall Impression Recommends this course: YES  
February 18, 2015
Overall Impression Recommends this course: YES  
August 21, 2013
It was a very informative course. Thanks.
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