Learn the Signs. Act Early.
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Course Name:  Learn the Signs. Act Early. Community-Based Training for Child Care Providers
Course Duration (estimated) 1 hour
Course Description (at least one paragraph):
Learn the Signs. Act Early. Community-Based Training for Child Care Providers is a training sponsored by the Delaware Division of Public Health’s Bureau of Maternal and Child Health and is presented by Health Equity Associates, LLC. The online training module was developed as an educational foundation to help increase child care providers awareness and knowledge of children’s developmental milestones and the relationship of those milestones and missed milestones to developmental problems and autism spectrum disorders. The training aims to empower child care providers to begin furthering their own knowledge about developmental milestones and delays and to access free resources that can help them fulfill critical roles as child care providers. In the context of the campaign, those roles include supporting the early identification of possible developmental delays and encouraging early intervention by communicating concerns to parents, recommending the appropriate consultation of health care professionals, and assisting in access to support resources. The resource basis of the online training are the materials of the Learn the Signs. Act Early. Campaign of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities (www.cdc.gov/actearly) and also includes local-Delaware support resources; participating in the campaign by accessing, distributing, and using these resources is encouraged.        
Course Objectives: Participants will be able to:
•      Identify at least 3 age appropriate milestones and missed milestones associated with possible autism spectrum disorders and other developmental disabilities
•      Identify LSAE campaign objectives and CCP roles
•      Identify at least 3 LSAE support and milestones education resources
•      Identify where they can obtain free CDC resources  and assistance in Delaware
•      Discuss concerns about a child’s development with parents
Instructor Bio:
Mr. Vijai Jaitley, MPH, MCHES has worked in various aspects of health care for over 12 years. His work in the area of public health includes contributions to projects involving: health education, program planning, adaptation, and evaluation, survey instrument design, community health assessment, data analysis, health communications, coalition building, and public health policy and advocacy. In a variety of roles, Mr. Jaitley has provided trainings and technical assistance, both in-person and online, that aim to build the skills and capacity of individuals and organizations to deliver on the promise of evidence-based public health to reduce health disparities and improve health equity for the medically underserved.
The trainings and technical assistance support that Mr. Jaitley provides are tailored to the audience and their needs. The broad spectrum of audiences Mr. Jaitley has delivered training, skill building, and consultant services to ranges from physicians to nurses and community health workers, to social service providers and health administrators, to librarians, church groups, community advocates and coalitions. The trainings and technical assistance provided have covered a broad range of topics across the life span from cancer control and prevention efforts to clinical trials participation to coalition building to health behavior change on a variety of topics and policy and systems change that supports health lifestyles.
Vijai is a Certified Health Education Specialist that earned his bachelor’s degree in Cultural/Medical Anthropology and his Masters in Public Health from the University of Pittsburgh in Behavioral and Community Health Sciences--as well as, certificates in biomedical ethics and philosophy of medicine, Asian studies, and Latino health advocacy.
Vijai believes that listening, remaining teachable, and that remaining open to learning from diverse sources and viewpoints are central to an approach that can help us successfully engage populations and work together as communities to develop and share practical, accessible, and usable solutions in the pursuit of health.
Technical Support:  Info@HealthEquityAssociates.org
Original Posting Date:  3/29/2011
Subject Area(s):
Maternal / Child Health
Workforce Development
Allied Health Professionals
Childcare Providers
Social Workers
Administrative Support Staff
General / Field / Frontline Staff
Government / Community Leader
Senior Level-non supervisory staff
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Course Level: Introductory
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Registration Required Outside of TRAIN: no
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Sponsor: Health Equity Associates
Accreditations: none
Special Notes: Learn the Signs. Act Early. was created by the CDC and is presented by Health Equity Associates.
Course Contacts
Name: Vijai Jaitley
Phone: 412-977-3057
email: vijai.jaitley@healthequityassociates.org
URL: http://www.healthequityassociates.org
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